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Author: Ethan Smith

#53 What If You Were Taxed Like a Multinational?

As you endure the expense and drudgery of finishing up your tax returns before this year's delayed April 18 deadline, let's look at how things would be if Congress taxed you like an American multinational corporation. I'll give you the good news first because the bad news, which I'll leave... see more

#45 Five Distinct Features of Medicare Advantage

Once a year, in the Open Enrollment Period (Oct. 15 to Dec. 7) all seniors in Medicare have the option to switch from Original Medicare to another option known as Medicare Advantage.Unlike traditional Medicare, where the government program acts as your insurer, Medicare Advantage benefits ... see more

#1 Working in Retirement While Collecting Social Security?

Your age can make a big difference for retirement income.Are you below your full retirement age (FRA)?Social Security is intended to be a retirement benefit; therefore, there are consequences for collecting your benefits early (that... see more

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