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Author: Michael Jackson

#308 How to Use Your HSA for Retirement

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are tax-advantaged savings accounts designed to help people with high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. While these accounts have been available since 2004, too few Americans are taking advantage of them. According to a July 201... see more

#304 Can Medicare Recipients Also Have an HSA?

The benefits of a health savings account (HSA) are many. Deposit your pre-tax dollars up to the predetermined IRS limit ($3,350 per individual and $6,650 for family coverage in 2015), and withdraw the money as needed for qualified medical expenses. Any funds not needed now can be accessed in the ... see more

#291 Choosing The Best Life Insurance Company For You

You've crunched the numbers and weighed factors like your marital status and how much you owe on your mortgage and found you need a life insurance policy. But where should you begin looking for a policy? And what parameters should you consider when choosing which life insurance company to pick?... see more

#179 The Enemy of Retirement Security: Procrastination

Last year, I signed up for a program called "Connections" through my college alma mater. The program is designed to bring a group of the college's current juniors and seniors to the big city, for a pow-wow with both recent graduates and ancient grads like myself, who work in the students' prospec... see more

#90 New Retirement Living Option - And Income Source

Thanks to a recent wave of residential zoning changes in bedroom communities scattered across the country, many late Boomers and leading-edge Gen-Xers have a retirement-planning and investment option their older brothers and sisters didn't have.Well- and deeply rooted in their pleasant sub... see more

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