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Author: Michael Davis

#165 Choose Among Bronze, Silver, Gold And Platinum Health Plans

As part of the Affordable Care Act, the Health Insurance Marketplace (or Exchange) opened again for business on Nov. 1, 2015, when Open Enrollment for 2016 healthcare coverage began. The Marketplace is an online, one-stop shopping experience for health coverage designed to make it easier for indi... see more

#157 10 IRS Audit Red Flags

Tax season is the worst time of the year for many people. It's a time when most individuals and business are required by the IRS to get their books to see if they have paid Uncle Sam enough money during the previous year or if they are going to be writing him a check come April 15.One of t... see more

#141 Healthcare Scams That Target Seniors

Seniors make an attractive target for healthcare scammers. Not only do older people use healthcare services more often, on average, than younger folks do; some also can be more vulnerable because of cognitive decline. What's more, seniors who have saved and invested carefully have deep pockets to... see more

#137 The Ty Cobb Approach To Retirement Investing

When baseball fans talk about players from the early 1900s, Babe Ruth is normally the first person mentioned. He was a great home-run hitter with 714 career home runs, a record that stood for almost 40 years. Only two men have surpassed it. Ruth struck out 1,330 times—a record that also stood f... see more

#102 Benefit Issues When Your Employer Goes Bankrupt

In any economy, good or bad, businesses of all sizes have the potential to fail. But what happens to insurance benefits you have through your employer when your workplace files for bankruptcy? If you're worried that your company might go belly-up, read on to find out how this will affect your ben... see more

#7 Understanding Taxation Of Foreign Investments

For many of today's investors, diversification goes beyond owning companies in a variety of industries - it means adding securities from different parts of the globe, too. In fact, many wealth management experts recommend diverting a third or more of one's stock allocation into foreign enterprise... see more

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