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Author: Matthew Taylor

#400 Should I Invest in Bonds During My Retirement?

The closer to retirement you get, the more you hear about bonds. The conventional wisdom is that bonds are safe and stocks are risky, but is that true? If you're figuring out how to invest your retirement money, you first have to understand your choices. Here's the truth.What Is a Bond?The... see more

#364 The Most Common Roth IRA Investments

While traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are more popular, Roth IRAs are the fastest growing among the different types of IRAs. Roth IRAs are the younger sibling to traditional IRAs and were introduced in the 1990s. They are funded with after-tax dollars which means distributions a... see more

#330 How Health Insurance Helps Manage Financial Risk

Health insurance is designed to help us avoid, at a reasonable cost, financial catastrophes caused by an unexpected and expensive medical event. Nearly everyone should expect one or more of these events in their future.The deductible is an important feature of many insurance plans. This is... see more

#233 Survey: Americans Still Feel Vulnerable About Healthcare Insurance Under Obamacare

The Afforable Care Act, aka Obamacare, continues to remain a hot-button political issue as America heads into its mid-term elections.And while a lot of Americans remain ambivalent about Obamacare and what it will mean for their present and future heath care needs, a new study by Bankra... see more

#204 Tax Haven Vs. Tax Shelters: Is There a Difference?

Though both go hand in hand to help high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), and others, legally decrease their income tax burdens, there is an important difference between tax havens and tax shelters. Tax havens are locations around the globe known for having lax or nonexistent tax laws that allow in... see more

#183 The Continuing Retirement Savings Crisis

Americans work more hours than employees in any other developed country, and we are becoming a nation of 24-hour workers. But all of this hard work may not translate into a secure post-employment future since many Americans are not prepared to live comfortably during their retirement years.... see more

#122 The 4 Essential Elements of a Retirement Plan

To ensure you have enough money to live happily after you stop working, be sure to maximize contributions, diversify your savings and keep track of all your assets. Understand how different income s can affect your Social Security benefits, and make a schedule for post-retirement distributions th... see more

#51 Where You Get the Most/Least for Your State Taxes

As you're paying out your state taxes, take a minute to think about where all those tax dollars go? It turns out that some Americans get a much better return on their state-taxes investment than others, depending on which state they live in. It's not just a question of how low the taxes are. It a... see more

#28 529 Risks to Take (Or Not)

When you first start to delve into the fine print of tax-advantaged 529 plans – typically shortly after your first baby's birth – it's daunting. It feels as though there are at least 529 different options, rules and regulations for these funds. Actually, the 529 nickname comes from Section 52... see more

#10 Find The Top Retirement Cities In Vietnam

And why would you go halfway around the world to retire? In two words, it's cheap. It costs much much less to live in Vietnam than in the U.S., and it's also a charming country to live in. It is all coast, mostly what looks like a strip of land bordering the South China Sea.Kathleen Peddic... see more

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