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Author: Ethan Harris

#182 States With The Biggest (And Smallest) Tax Burden

Are you trying to decide between job offers in two different states? Wondering whether you and your long-distance love interest should take the next step in your relationship by moving to her state or yours? Evaluating where to retire? If you have some flexibility in where you live, one factor yo... see more

#176 Real Estate Flipping: 8 Disclosures You Must Make

Investors who flip homes are the unsung heroes of real estate. They take neglected, run-down and sometimes intentionally damaged properties and make them livable, even beautiful, again. If you want to flip properties, you probably already know about pitfalls such as hidden problems and cost overr... see more

#175 When Is the Best Time to Sell a House?

Selling a house has the potential to generate the single largest amount of cash you may ever see at one time in your entire life. With that kind of money up for grabs, most people are extremely interested in doing everything they can to maximize their profits. This naturally leads to the question... see more

#174 How Grant Cardone Built a $350M Real Estate Empire

At the age of twenty-five, Grant Cardone came out of a rehabilitation treatment center for a horrible drug problem. Five years later, he became a millionaire. Today, Cardone, 57, is an internationally renowned sales trainer. His primary company, Cardone Training Technologies, provides Fortune 500... see more

#161 Understanding Social Security Eligibility

About 96% of U.S. workers will be eligible to receive Social Security benefits when they retire after paying into the system during their working years. Social Security retirement benefit eligibility is complicated; it's highly dependent on the details of your specific situation. But here's a gen... see more

#89 Pay Less For Medicine By Not Using Health Insurance

You might be paying more for your prescriptions at the pharmacy if you use your health insurance than if you pay cash out of pocket.How can that be?Say your doctor prescribes a generic drug and, using your health plan, your copay for generics is $10 per 30-day suppl... see more

#44 Medicare Part D Changes in Paying for Drugs

Here's some not-so-great news for America's aging population: For people with Medicare Part D coverage, a subtle change could result in them paying significantly more for their prescription drug coverage. It all comes down to one single word: coinsurance.Coinsurance vs. CopaymentThe differ... see more

#35 Retiring To Live Abroad? Relocation Services

Many people dream of retiring abroad to enjoy a change of scenery, better weather, new experiences, access to affordable healthcare and a lower cost of living. Few will actually go through with it, though. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as the desire to stay within an established c... see more

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