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Author: Christopher Taylor

#154 6 Tax Deductions That Might Get You Audited

Exactly what triggers an audit from the IRS isn't always clear. There are plenty of urban legends about exactly which tax deductions can bring you to the attention of the IRS, but not a lot of facts.In particular, the home office deduction has a reputation for bringing down an audit on a t... see more

#151 What’s a Yuccie - and Are You One?

The term yuccie stands for young urban creative and was first coined by David Infante in a column about Millennials for Mashable in June 2015, referring to them as the despicable millenn-intelligensia. Infante claims that the term hipster, which the urban dictionary defines as a subculture of men... see more

#68 7 Signs You're Spending Too Little In Retirement

Financial experts constantly sound the alarm that people are saving too little for retirement. What they rarely talk about are the effects of spending too little.How do you know if you're underspending in your retirement years? One likely sign: You're spending so little that you have a ne... see more

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