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Author: Andrew Taylor

#167 How the Social Security Reboot May Affect You

You've probably heard the federal government has made changes that may affect the way you can take your Social Security retirement benefits. While there's still potential for some tweaking of the language around these changes, I'd like to share some insight on what we know now and what it may mea... see more

#159 The Basics of Roth IRA Contribution Rules

If you are working, you may be able to contribute to a Roth IRA. This type of retirement savings account allows you to take tax-free withdrawals of your contributions at any time and tax-free withdrawals of earnings on contributions after a five-year holding period (assuming you are at least 59½... see more

#100 Top Companies That Manage 529 Plans

Among college savings accounts, 529 plans have grown to become one of the most popular types because of their tax advantages and the donor's ability to retain control of the funds even after the student reaches the age of majority. The days of limited investment choices and high sales charges hav... see more

#67 Retirement: Which Savings Goals Get More Priority?

Most people understand that retirement is going to cost a lot, and that in order to maintain their current lifestyle once they stop working they are going to need a plenty of cash. But a new annual survey by Capital One Investing shows that while nine in 10 respondents know that they need to save... see more

#12 Retire In Malaysia With $200,000 Of Savings?

If you're looking for Xanadu on a budget, Malaysia may be the retirement destination for you. This multifaceted and multicultural federation of former British territories in Southeast Asia was once known to few Westerners. But its appeal is growing among expats seeking a tropical climate and a re... see more

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