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Author: Andrew Smith

#335 Keep These Receipts to Save Big Money at Tax Time

How well do you keep track of receipts? Some people – the organized type – find pleasure in keeping receipts and paperwork accounted for using a finely tuned cataloging system. Others may use a shoebox or file folder, finding no pleasure in such endeavors.Put a little work into catalog... see more

#299 How 401(k) Matching Works

Employer matching of your 401(k) contributions simply means that your employer contributes a certain amount to your retirement savings plan based on the amount of your own annual contribution.Depending on the terms of your employer's 401(k) plan, your contributions to your retirement savin... see more

#275 Pension Promises Go Unfulfilled

I don't know which is worse: realizing you cannot keep a promise you made to someone important to you, or being the person who relied on the promise when you grasp that it is not going to be kept.In 1973, I was 33 years old and just starting a public-speaking career. The National Speakers ... see more

#264 Millennials: How Buying Life Insurance Now Can Pay Off

Landing your dream job, or your dream internship. Moving to a new city. Embarking on a torrid love affair (or three?). Meeting the love of your life. Buying your first house, or saving up for it. Finishing your first marathon. There are so many possible bucket list items to complete in your 20s,... see more

#106 Some US Households Are Still Seeing High Healthcare Costs

Open enrollment is upon us, and that means many families are shopping around for health insurance. Whether you're shopping in the healthcare exchange, getting insurance through your employer or purchasing a plan directly from the insurer, you may be experiencing a severe case of sticker shock. Yo... see more

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