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Author: Jacob Williams

#382 A Quick Guide to Buying a Home for Your Child

The lingering effects of the Great Recession (affordable housing shortages, stringent mortgage requirements, a tight job market) have made it tougher for young people to own a home. As a result, assistance from the Bank of Mom and Dad is getting common, especially for first-timers.Having t... see more

#306 Do You Have The Medicare You Need?

'Tis the season – no, not the holiday season; the Medicare open enrollment period. Every year, Medicare recipients have the option to alter their coverage. They can add to it, get rid of something or make any number of changes. For 2015, the open enrollment period ends December 7, so act fast. ... see more

#302 When to Get a Medigap Insurance Plan

If you're at least 65 years old and on Medicare, you're eligible to purchase a Medigap plan, also known as a Medicare supplement plan, to cover what Original Medicare won't. These gaps in Original Medicare can be substantial, leaving you with significant out-of-pocket liabilities. (For more, see ... see more

#260 Tax-Smart Ways To Help Your Kids/Grandkids Pay For College

Many people say that a home is the largest single investment you'll ever make, but consider this: The national median existing-home price was $199,500 in October of this year. That's less than the estimated $210,388 it will cost to send your two-year-old to an in-state, public college for four ye... see more

#243 Hey, Baby. How's Your College Fund?

You have a newborn baby! Congratulations. Welcome to years of sleep deprivation, decades of horrific expense and a lifetime of being petrified that something bad is going to happen to your impossibly precious offspring. Most parents envy their childless friends' clear, bag-free eyes, relative wea... see more

#231 What Age For Medicare Eligibility?

When you think of Medicare, you probably assume that it's for people of retirement age. That's true, but the program covers more than just those who have worked all their life. You might be eligible right now and not know it.In 2015 (the most recent numbers available) Medicare covered more... see more

#211 Budgeting Tips: Living in Malaysia on $1,000 a Month

Malaysia is a rapidly developing country that combines excellent infrastructure and high-quality health care options with a very low cost of living. In 2015, the expatriate magazine International Living named Malaysia the fourth-best retirement destination in the world. The magazine noted Malaysi... see more

#128 Apps That Find the Cheapest Drug Prices

If you have health insurance with prescription drug coverage, you may not worry much about – or have much control over – the cost of your medication. But at some point, you're likely to need a drug that your insurance either doesn't cover or only covers partially.Shopping for prescript... see more

#116 Planning Your Second Career

Whether by choice or out of necessity, Americans are working longer. According to a survey conducted by retirement-planning website, 86% of business professionals plan on working after they become eligible to retire, and many of these will seek out new career paths as they exten... see more

#26 The Top Paying Cities with a High Standard of Living

Every year US News &World Report conducts a study that determines the best places in the country to live. The news outlet examines access to health care, quality of life, and a variety of other factors. They assign a value to each aspect, and then the city that ranks the highest is deemed the... see more

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