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Author: Ethan Williams

#198 Best Ways to Send Money to the Phillipines

Over the past several years, it's gotten easier for people to send money overseas to their friends, families and others. Costs have gone down and different options have emerged. In addition, new U.S. federal consumer-protection regulations offer better transparency: Money-transfer providers are n... see more

#158 Can My Retirement & Social Security Be Garnished?

Can your Social Security and retirement pay be garnished? In a word: No – but in two words: Well, maybe. And in a phrase: Depends on who's doing the garnishing. First, They See You In Court ...Here's how garnishing works: A creditor – let's call him Mr. Potter – hauls you to, say, t... see more

#117 How Much Do You Know About 401(k) Fees?

Saving for retirement through a 401(k) plan sounds simple enough, but a lot of people are still unaware of all the fees associated with this retirement plan. Remember, a 401(k) plan is a retirement savings contribution provided by an employer. Each paycheck an employee receives has a portion of t... see more

#64 3 Big Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Financial mistakes can take one of two forms. The first is something you notice relatively quickly and correct with little impact. The second is a mistake that can go unnoticed and can impact a budget or relationship for years. No one is perfect, and we're all prone to mistakes. We all want to co... see more

#48 Lost Property: Check Now, Before a State Grabs It

Have you ever heard the term escheat? It refers to the transfer of property (including funds) to the state when someone dies without a will or known heirs, or when someone simply moves and the state cannot locate the owner. Escheat could rob you of what is rightfully yours if a distant relative d... see more

#39 Understanding The Social Security Website

The place to go to learn about all things Social Security is, the official website of the United States Social Security Administration. To comply with the Plain Writing Act of 2010, information on the site was rewritten to make it easier to read and understand.Like any website, it ... see more

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