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Author: Ethan Jackson

#340 Which Are the Best US States to Retire to in 2016?

Here's a straight answer to a straight question: If you're ready and willing to move to another state when you retire, your choices are Wyoming, New Hampshire, Utah and Hawaii. Each of those states topped one of four lists of best states for retirees. All the lists were based on analysis of a num... see more

#284 How Millennials Can Be the Wealthiest Generation Ever

Millennials are poised to be the wealthiest generation of all time for a variety of different reasons. They are certainly different from generations before them, especially when it comes to pursuing work they love and their entrepreneurial spirit. This combined with the opportunities for building... see more

#171 How to Price Your Home Like the Pros

One of the knocks against listing your home for sale by owner is that it's hard for homeowners to price their houses properly. After all, they often lack market knowledge and can be emotionally attached to their home. The conventional wisdom goes that since selling a house at the "wrong" price co... see more

#156 How to Pick the Best Medicare Part D Plan for You

Medicare Part D pays for your subscription drugs, so it's important to pick a plan where most, if not all, the drugs you need are listed on the formulary for the plan. The formulary is a list of drugs the insurer will cover. Brands vs. GenericsCoverage for all drugs is not equal. Each insu... see more

#82 Investing In Luxury Real Estate

The average luxury home in New York sold for $1,565 per square foot in 2013, according to Christie's International Real Estate, a luxury residential real estate network. That's upwards of $1.5 million for a 1,000 square foot apartment.Many high net worth individuals are buying homes as a h... see more

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