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Author: Daniel Taylor

#213 The Top 10 Caribbean Tax Havens

The Caribbean offers some of the most popular tax havens in the world, providing benefits such as very low tax liability and financial privacy. Among the most used Caribbean tax havens are the Bahamas, Panama and the Cayman Islands.A tax haven is by definition simply a country that offers ... see more

#98 5 Secrets You Didn't Know About A 529 Plan

College isn't cheap and the costs are rising fast. If you don't start saving for your children as soon as possible, their chances of having sizable student loan debt after graduation is high.The 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment plan that you set up to help multiply your efforts. The... see more

#57 Top Tips for Minimizing Taxes on Social Security

Once you're retired and eligible to receive Social Security it doesn't mean you don't have tax issues to think about. One of the biggest issues for the current crop of seniors is lessening their taxes on Social Security benefits. The problem with taxes on Social Security is that it's not the Soci... see more

#19 The World's Lowest Cost of Living for Retirement

Do you dream of retiring into a life of leisure, but know that your savings aren't enough to permit that dream to ever become reality? How does living a good life on only $1,000 per month sound? Impossible? Not if you retire in the Philippines, where rent is as low as $300 per month and you can g... see more

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