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Author: Christopher Harris

#394 Social Security Strategies: What’s Best to Do Now

How to do get the most out of your Social Security benefits? It's an eternal question. But the recently passed 2015 Bipartisan Budget Act has wrought some changes in the Social Security regs. Here are some tactics and planning tips that take into account the new provisions, as well as the ongoin... see more

#371 Top Websites For Home Sales

According to the National Association of Realtors' 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report, 42% of all homebuyers will first look online for properties, and 92% of homebuyers will use the Internet at some point during their home search. Once limited to brief property descriptions, today's ... see more

#316 Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

The cost of long-term care continues to climb much faster than the general rate of inflation. Although the primary defense against this astronomical expense has traditionally been long-term care insurance, the cost of this type of coverage has also increased proportionately, and a growing number ... see more

#315 Retirement Planning for the Self-Employed

The joys of self-employment are many. You set the focus of your business, the dress code is up to you, the only upper-management breathing down your neck is your own conscience and, most of all, you're independent and responsible for the course of your financial well-being.With the joys, h... see more

#271 Do Oil Prices Affect The Auto Industry?

In economic theory the use of complementary goods is associated with the use of another good, while substitute goods are goods viewed by consumers as similar or comparable in some way. Within the auto industry, vehicles and petroleum are considered complimentary goods whereas gas-guzzling trucks ... see more

#237 Don't Fall Victim To These Obamacare Scams

By Mariel LeibowitzObamacare healthcare exchanges are now open to the public. The launch has sparked some criticism, with computer glitches and confusion regarding how to sign up.Thieves are using this chaos to their advantage, and a trend of new scams have started, including the "i... see more

#203 Best Investment Categories for Your Retirement Funds

You're setting aside 15% of your income for retirement and using tax-advantaged accounts like a 401(k) or IRA. So far, so good. But unless you're directing those funds to the right asset classes, you could end up with less-than-optimal investment results.Choosing the right investment mix i... see more

#173 The 5 Fastest Appreciating Housing Markets in America

Whether you're looking to buy a home or are into real estate investing, chances are you're looking to purchase a home that will increase in value over time — preferably quickly so you can sell it off at a profit down the road.Earlier this year, Bigger Pockets, a well-respected soc... see more

#164 Americans Are Living Longer, but Social Security Is Not Catching Up

Social Security is in trouble, but it isn't going broke. Based on its structure, it's impossible for it to go bankrupt. Instead, Social Security is an ongoing wealth transfer that has a growing age problem and a demographic problem.To understand the impact of an aging population on Social ... see more

#126 Should You Delay Enrolling in Medicare?

Medicare Part A is free for many people, because you've essentially prepaid the premiums through decades of taxes. Part B will cost $121.80 per month for new enrollees in 2016 (more for high-income earners), and the average Part D plan is expected to cost $41.46. (See Medicare 101: Do You Need Al... see more

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