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Author: Michael Smith

#1591 4 Small Businesses That Rarely Succeed

Starting a small business is not easy these days – but keeping that business alive and kicking is an even greater challenge.The technical definition of small business for government purposes varies by industry (See How ‘Small' Is a Small Business: The Statistics). However, for research... see more

#1576 It’s Never Too Late to Contribute to Your 401(k)

It is best to begin saving for retirement as early as possible, and there are numerous products available to help you ensure your future is financially stable. Contributing to employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k) plans, is one of the most popular ways to boost retirement savings. I... see more

#1575 Private Jet Charter Vs. First Class: What's Best?

Some people may give you flack for asking the question, but if you're able to afford it, private jets are worth considering – especially if you're traveling with a group or to a location far from larger airports. Both private jets and first class seating on commercial flights are expensive and ... see more

#1528 Which Are Most Expensive U.S. Cities For Tourists?

The cities on our list can get away with charging big bucks: They're some of the most popular places to visit in North America. Using the Hotel Price Index (HPI) to rank them, here are six we've singled out as the most expensive, starting with the priciest: New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, Sant... see more

#1386 The 6 Best Alternatives to Hotels

Along with airfare, if it is part of your travel expenses, lodging is the single largest expenditure associated with traveling. Most mid-range hotels charge well over $100 a night, and even economy hotels can easily run $70 to $80 a night. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of lower-cost... see more

#1355 Columbia's Financial Aid Trumps Steep Tuition

If you look at the tuition for Ivy League schools these days, it's easy for even the most academically gifted students to get discouraged. At first glance, attending one of America's most elite colleges seems like it's only an option for the most well-heeled families.Fortunately, that's no... see more

#1351 Going Back to Colombia to Retire: A How-to Guide

There are many reasons to consider living abroad during retirement: a better climate, new experiences, a lower cost of living and a different lifestyle, to name a few. You might also be looking forward to going back to a country where you have family roots – the country of your birth or the pla... see more

#1319 Robo-Advisors Face First Market Downturn Test

The recent stock market volatility represents the first test of robo-advisors in this type of environment. The growth of robo-advisors over the past several years has been significant. Even during the correction of 2011 they were not that prevalent. One of the unknowns about robo-advisors was how... see more

#1307 10 Providers With 401(k) Plans for Small Employers

Historically, small employers have steered clear of 401(k) plans for their employees due to cost and complexity. Providers that specialize in 401(k) plans for small businesses help make the task easier. If you are a small business owner considering initiating a 401(k) plan for you and your employ... see more

#1301 Travel Cost Comparison: Paris Vs. New York

Can't decide between a visit to the City of Light or the City That Never Sleeps? Maybe these numbers will help.The cost of living in New York City is 30% higher than that of Paris, according to Expatisan, a website that calculates the price differences between living in different cities. B... see more

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