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Author: Michael Harris

#1484 Credit Card Review: Premier Rewards Gold Amex (AXP)

The American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card signifies a high level of financial responsibility on the part of the cardholder. American Express (AXP) is known for its exclusive benefits and club membership mentality, and the Premier Rewards Gold Card is designed with precisely that in mind.... see more

#1425 Financial Planning: Can You Do it Yourself?

The financial advice field is booming. From robo-advisors to banks, brokerages to independent financial advisor and financial planners, it seems that everywhere you look there's someone clamoring to manage your money. Does this mean that everyone needs to hire a professional? Not necessarily.... see more

#1329 Pros & Cons of Using a Robo-Advisor

Robo-advisors are the shiny new investment platforms. But what are their advantages and disadvantages? Can all digital financial advisors be painted with a broad brush? (For more, see: What Advisors Can Learn from Robo-Advisors)Robo-advisors are as distinct as individual investment brokers... see more

#1326 How to Analyze the Stocks Held in Your 401(k)

Most 401(k) plans do not permit you to invest in individual stocks. Instead, you are given the choice of different funds in which to invest, usually 10 to 20 options. The general idea is that with most 401(k) plans, you do not have the ability to make changes in your 401(k) as efficiently as you ... see more

#1298 Tax Deduction Guide: Contractors Vs. Employees

Tax season can either be a blessing or a curse. Some will see their money go, while others will get a well-deserved windfall back from the government. In the case of independent contractors, who are different than employees, there are several built-in setbacks that come with the territory, includ... see more

#1259 Getting A Car Title Loan

Strapped for cash? Even financially stable families may sometimes find themselves in a situation where they need cash fast. Unforeseen events can strip a person's savings or continued financial difficulties may cause a family to look for any means of finding a short-term loan.You've probab... see more

#1246 Top Tips for Not Outliving Your Retirement Budget

Planning for retirement can be a bit of a paradox. On one hand, you're looking to live the longest, healthiest and happiest golden years possible. On the other, you're trying to make sure your finances last for the duration of your life.Thankfully, successful retirement planning doesn't ha... see more

#1238 Variable Annuities: A Good Retirement Investment?

One of the biggest worries for older investors is the prospect of outliving their assets. With many people in the developed world now living 20 or more years past retirement, those fears are often justified.Annuities have long been a popular strategy for managing this so-called longevity r... see more

#1227 8 Reasons Why Valued Employees Quit

Everyone has good and bad days at work, but when an employee has too many bad days, he or she may start strategizing to leave that job behind. If you've worked hard to get the best possible people on your staff – the ones most desirable to your competitors, needless to say – you don't want to... see more

#1211 Student Loan Forgiveness: A New Route

The combination of substantial debt and a dearth of entry-level jobs has created a tough predicament for many of today's college graduates. But getting out of those loans is notoriously difficult, even if you file for bankruptcy. Traditionally, one of the few ways around repayment is to perform c... see more

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