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Author: Matthew Taylor

#1417 Winter Weather Checklist

It took longer than usual, but the East Coast finally saw its first epic winter storm of the season. Some areas got nearly three feet of snow, and some travelers were stranded on interstate highways for nearly an entire day.But although the storm was newsworthy, it affected a relatively sm... see more

#1401 What Is A Business Analyst And How Much Do They Make?

Over the last few years, the generic job title of business analyst has become popular in multiple industries. Although job duties can vary immensely, in the most general terms, business analysts work within a business or organization to identify and implement improvements to help a business achie... see more

#1291 Taxes in Texas for Small Business: The Basics

Texas is a popular place to conduct business. The state's job growth and unemployment numbers speak for themselves. As of August 2015, the Texas unemployment rate sits at 4.1%, a full percentage point lower than the national rate. Total payrolls and the labor participation rate have also been inc... see more

#1268 Are You Really Retired Just Because You Stopped Working?

From the time I took my first job washing cars at age 15 to the day I retired, working kept money flowing into my bank account. I needed money, and so I had to work (no silver spoon here). A few weeks back, I penned an article highlighting how most older folks fear running out of money more than ... see more

#1265 Get Up To Speed On Car Gap Insurance

Even if you have a fairly extensive auto insurance policy – complete with collision and comprehensive coverage – you may not be fully protected if your vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident.Here's why. During the first few years of owning or leasing a car, many drivers are actual... see more

#1244 10 U.S. Cities You Don't Need A Car To Visit

Ask almost anyone returning from a tour of the great cities of Europe what they loved most about their trip and you'll hear, We walked everywhere! Often followed by the lament, Why can't our cities be like that?While it's true that the majority of American cities don't have the pedestrian-... see more

#1198 401(k) Investment Policy Statement Example

Since employers are in the business of running the company, they normally hire out the administration of 401(k) plans or for a larger firm, have an in house human res team member run the program. The 401(k) must adhere to federal guidelines and be run with a fiduciary concern for the employees' h... see more

#1172 Home-Equity Loan vs. HELOC: The Difference

A home is one of the biggest investments many of us will ever make. One advantage of owning one is that it can create a great deal of financial security and become a bona-fide of cash. Homeowners in need of a quick financial fix or keen to make another investment, for instance, may be eligible ... see more

#1049 The Role Of Parents In Financial Education

As the global economic recovery continues to lose momentum, the issue of financial literacy is becoming increasingly prevalent. This has already prompted political leaders in the United Kingdom and Australia to propose mandatory financial education for students, while the Consumer Financial Prote... see more

#1043 4 Ways to Maximize Your 401(k)

It's taken just over a generation for the 401(k) and similar 403(b) and 457 defined-contribution plans to become the bedrock of working America's retirement goals. Nearly 80% of all workers who hold down full-time jobs have access to the 638,390 plans now in operation. That's opened the door for ... see more

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