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Author: Matthew Davis

#1231 Protect Vs. The High Cost Of Caring For A Parent

Caregiving takes an emotional toll on everyone in a family. But for adult daughters, who tend to shoulder a disproportionate amount of the burden, the financial costs of caring for an aging parent can be devastating. And they're likely to grow.Americans are living longer, but their increas... see more

#1221 10 Jobs to Avoid Right Now

There's no question that some jobs, though they need to be done, are not worth doing yourself. Luckily, many of these tasks are easily outd — something that is well worth considering if you're running a business. And if you're thinking about building skills for your career or obtaining skills f... see more

#1152 The Cheapest Way to Buy Two or More Airline Tickets

If you're traveling on your own, no problem; just book your tickets. All you have to do is compare prices on an airfare search site because no single airline always has the cheapest flights (see Which U.S. Airline Costs the Least? It Depends).But what if you're traveling with family and fr... see more

#1149 Top Tips for Sustaining Wealth

Most people think of lottery winners as incredibly lucky individuals. They may be lucky, but their winnings don't necessarily translate into long-term happiness. In fact, several studies have shown that their happiness quickly dissipates. For instance, one study found that lottery winners' happin... see more

#1126 A Guide to Taxes and Reverse Mortgages

If you're thinking about taking out a reverse mortgage, you need to know whether and how it will affect your income tax situation. In this article, we'll explain whether reverse mortgage proceeds are taxable, whether the interest on a reverse mortgage is tax deductible and more. (Learn the basics... see more

#1090 Credit Score Ranges: What Do They Mean?

Calculated with a formula based on variables including payment history, credit length and amount owed, your credit score may affect the interest rate you pay to a lender and even make the difference between a loan being approved or declined. Read on to learn a few credit score basics, and what sc... see more

#1047 Credit Cards, Mortgages & Student Loans

The credit crunch and recession caused financial fear -- or much worse -- for almost all Americans. So it's no great shock that our borrowing habits have changed. However, you might be surprised by a new report from TransUnion, one of the Big Three credit bureaus, that reveals just how different ... see more

#957 Asheville, North Carolina's 5 Best Retirement Communities

Asheville, North Carolina, consistently ranks among the most popular retirement destinations in the United States. Five of the best retirement communities in the area are French Broad Crossing, Smoky Mountain Retreat, Givens Estates, The Creston Community and Reynolds Mountain.Located in t... see more

#951 Make These 5 Tax Resolutions For Next April 15

Let the lessons you learned on your 2014 income tax return lead you to new actions that will make it easier to handle your 2015 return. Here are five things you can do now that will reward you next tax season, and easy ways to make them happen.1. Maximize your pre-tax opportunitiesDeductio... see more

#814 Technology Can Help With Student Loans (AMTD)

For most Americans, it is a forgone conclusion upon graduating high school that you attend a four-year university. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 68.4% of high school graduates were enrolled in a college or university. While an increase from the year prior, the cumulative coll... see more

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