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Author: Jacob Jackson

#1411 Increase Your Credit Score in 90 days or Less

You just pulled your credit score and found it strangely low. That's not good.But it happens, and sometimes for reasons outside of your control. You didn't know you were going to lose your job, get sick or experience some other unexpected event that racked up the debt or made you miss paym... see more

#1392 Best Ways To Save Money On College Textbooks

As college tuitions are continuing to rise, so are the prices of textbooks. The U.S. Government Accountability Office reports that from 1986 to 2004, college textbook prices increased at twice the rate of inflation. projects that for 2015, college students face an average textbook cost... see more

#1344 Taxes on Retirement Assets: How to Pay Less

Retirement planning can be tough. It is hard enough to save for a comfortable retirement during your working years. Once you actually retire, managing your withdrawals and your spending can be complicated. One important and complex area in both instances is managing the process in the most tax-ef... see more

#1340 Should I Sell My Home When I Retire?

What will your life look like once you retire? Do you plan to travel? Visit grandchildren more often? Maybe retirement is something you do more on paper because you still plan to work. Whatever your particular retirement looks like, you have to think about your home. Some people elect to downsize... see more

#1296 How To Fly To Europe For $100 (Maybe) (RYAAY)

Oh, wow: The gasp of bargain-hungry travelers was practically audible across cyberspace in February 2015 when WOW air announced transatlantic flights between Reykjavik and the U.S. for $99 one way. $99? As in under one hundred bucks?Já (that's yes in Icelandic) –... see more

#1286 Why Entrepreneurs Are Important for the Economy

Entrepreneurs are frequently thought of as national assets to be cultivated, motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent.Entrepreneurs can change the way we live and work. If successful, their innovations may improve our standard of living. In short, in addition to creating w... see more

#1252 Best 12 Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

Grocery shopping. Love it or hate it, we all have to do it. Grocery budgets vary wildly from person to person, yet food is one of the easiest areas in which average consumers can economize – if they shop strategically using these 12 tips.1. Sign Up for Rewards CardsIf the supermarkets in... see more

#1249 8 Federal Laws That Protect Employees

There was once a time when workers were at the mercy of their employers when it came to job-related safety and benefits, to say nothing of hiring and promotions. However, a push for employee rights gained momentum in the 20th Century, resulting in a series of important laws that millio... see more

#1234 Find The Top Cash Back Credit Cards

You're not looking for airline miles or special promotions from a retailer. You want the cash and you like your terms simple. If I spend this much, I get that much back as a cash rebate.Good news – there are plenty of cash back credit cards that offer the simplicity you're looking for. H... see more

#1207 How Sallie Mae Affects Student Loans

Back in 2010, the government made a significant and lasting change to its Federal Family Education Loan Program, or FFELP. The program traces its roots back to at least 1965 and the change officially ended the origination of student loans by outside third parties. SLM Corporation, also known as... see more

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