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Author: Jacob Harris

#1264 Americans Are Borrowing More To Buy Cars - But Should They Be?

Tiffany Franc, an attorney in Towson, Md., was surprised when she and her husband had no trouble getting a car loan last October. They had completed a short sale of an investment property in June, and short sales typically damage credit substantially.They were purchasing a used 2013 Dodge ... see more

#1132 The 4 Best Countries for Retiring in Asia

Do you have your sights set on retiring in Asia? Not long ago, Investopedia profiled the 10 Best Countries to Retire to in 2016. Now we've narrowed our focus to Asia and have asked the expert editors, writers and on-the-ground reporters at Live and Invest Overseas to tell us what they consider th... see more

#1063 Top 2 College Majors for Students Today

For many U.S. college students today, deciding on what to study in school becomes a question of what they're interested in and passionate about. But for those who want to know what prospective careers will pay off the most, they have to dig a little deeper.This year's best majors for colle... see more

#1034 Why Choose an FHA Jumbo Mortgage Over Other Jumbos?

Each year, the Federal Housing Finance Agency sets the maximum conforming loan limits for mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Under these limits, conforming loans are currently capped at $417,000 for single-family homes throughout most of the U.S. In certain high-cost housing markets ... see more

#1017 Top Reasons To Apply For An FHA Loan

Following the Great Depression of 1929, few families were able to purchase homes, and many who had previously owned homes lost them to forced sales and foreclosure. Mortgage terms were difficult to meet, and loans were limited to 50% of the property's market value. After three to five years of in... see more

#999 Retirement Savings: 401(k) vs. Stocks

The 401(k) gets a bad rap. Financial gurus complain that it's a pretty poor replacement for the pension plan and that there may be better options for investing your money. Maybe one of those better options is picking and investing in individual stocks. Let's compare the two.Your 401(k)Firs... see more

#984 The Purpose Of The IRS W-4 Form

When you get a new job, one of the many pieces of paper your employer will ask you to complete is IRS form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. The way you fill out this form determines how much tax your employer will withhold from your paycheck. Your employer sends the money it wit... see more

#978 The Pros and Cons of Getting a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage allows seniors to obtain a loan by using their home as collateral. It's a popular choice that provides cash to help homeowners with living or housing expenses, and it can help seniors to remain in familiar surroundings. However, sometimes, rather than getting a reverse mortgage... see more

#959 When You Need A Senior Move Manager

When Marlene Stocks first got into the business of helping older people through the tough transition of downsizing and relocating, most of her clients were in their 70s. Now the average client is in their mid-80s to upper 90s, says Stocks, whose company, Senior Transition Services, serves the Gre... see more

#947 The Top 5 Fixed Annuities for the Risk Averse

Here's something to ponder. Annuities are paying out 25% less than they did in 2007 yet sales for fixed annuities increased 17% in 2014. Demand for variable annuities, on the other hand, was down 24% in 2014. Why would fixed annuities see such a spike in demand when payouts have been consistently... see more

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