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Author: Ethan Jackson

#1381 How Much Money Do You Need to Live in Alaska?

Alaska is by far the largest state in the United States by land area. The state is so expansive, it makes other huge states, such as Texas and California, look tiny by comparison. As you would expect from a state so massive, living options in Alaska are far from homogeneous. Anchorage, the larges... see more

#1229 Power Of Attorney: Do You Need One?

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document in which the principal (you) designate another person (called the agent or attorney-in-fact) to act on your behalf to make all decisions, in specified matters or in all matters.Special circumstances may trigger the need for a POA for any person... see more

#1112 Reverse Mortgage Pros And Cons

If you're a homeowner who is at least 62 years old and exploring ways to finance retirement, you may be considering a reverse mortgage: a product that allows you to convert your home equity into cash. Whether you are looking for money to pay for a home improvement, cover healthcare expenses or pa... see more

#1083 Spotify's Agile Management

Agile methodology, which focuses on the continuous monitoring and improvement of deliverables, is typically used in software development due to its flexibility and ability to detect errors early and often in the life cycle. Traditionally, the framework has been applied to singular projects; howev... see more

#1068 Rules For Obtaining an FHA Reverse Mortgage

The reverse mortgage is more carefully regulated by the government than other forms of loans – and for good reason: It has its own perils and pitfalls. If you are an older homeowner who is having trouble making ends meet, it still might be your best alternative, as long as you know the rules.... see more

#1045 Mortgage Deals: Bank Of America Vs. Wells Fargo

In the market for a home mortgage? You might be tempted to listen to your realtor or mortgage broker, but this is much too large a loan not to be an active participant. You have to shop around – just as you would for a car or even something much smaller like a refrigerator.If you feel mo... see more

#1039 3 Secrets You Didn't Know About Estate Planning

Estate planning is complicated which is why it's highly recommended that investors seek an experienced financial advisor and/or attorney to help sort everything out. The three estate planning secrets below will help investors stay on the right path. (For more, see: Estate Planning: Introduction.)... see more

#1004 How To Make Maximum Money On Your 401(k)

If you've worked for two or three decades you might remember the glory days of the pension. You placed a certain amount of money into an account and when you retired you started receiving checks. There weren't a lot of management responsibilities other than to keep working to amass more retiremen... see more

#935 Are Pensions Dipping into Automated Investing?

The days of humans standing on the trading floors of major stock exchanges, shouting "buy" and "sell," are largely gone. Computers are responsible for an estimated 8 out of 10 trades in the United States nowadays. This doesn't just mean that the vast majority of transactions are conducted electr... see more

#911 The Pros & Cons of Working from Home

You wake up at 8 a.m. without an alarm and with the sun streaming through the blinds. As you take a leisurely shower, you listen to the radio and hear rush-hour traffic's a nightmare: good thing you don't have to jump in the car to head to the office. In fact, you don't have to go to the office a... see more

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