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Author: Daniel Harris

#1688 HelloFresh Review: Is It Worth It?

HelloFresh is a meal subscription service that delivers everything you need to cook wholesome, healthy meals for your family. As a HelloFresh subscriber, you don't have to work so hard planning a weekly dinner menu in advance and dragging all the ingredients home from the grocery store. The compa... see more

#1604 4 Ways to Plan for an Unexpected Early Retirement

Most people have a clear idea of when they plan on retiring, yet far too often they are forced to exit the workforce unexpectedly. In some cases, people retire early due to illness while some people are blindsided by a layoff or downsizing. With the likelihood of retirement coming before you plan... see more

#1514 The 6 Biggest Fortune 500 Employers

Every year Fortune magazine puts out a list of the highest grossing companies in America. These companies are household names and this year was topped by multinationals like Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT), Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM), Chevron Corporation (CVX) and Apple Inc. (AAPL). Of these Fortu... see more

#1450 What Retirement Will Look Like Without Savings

By many estimates you are going to need at least 70% of your income in retirement. But in this instant gratification society where keeping up with the Jones's is more important than saving money for the golden years, having a nest egg at all is considered a big achievement. According to a recent ... see more

#1441 This Is How You Could Live in Thailand on $1,000 a Month

Thailand is one of the world's best-known tropical paradises and home to many thousands of expatriates enjoying a comfortable, low-cost life amidst the country's virtually endless natural splendor. Thailand has undergone rapid development in recent decades, spurred partly by its tourism industry.... see more

#1315 Best Credit Cards For Travel In China (DFS)

Credit card usage and acceptance in China have greatly increased over the past decade, particularly in large metropolitan areas such as Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. That's good news for many tourists who prefer the convenience of credit cards over carrying large amounts of cash. While many ma... see more

#1312 Vacation in the Midwest on a Budget

Everyone dreams of a Hawaiian vacation. If you are on a budget, however, the sun and the beach might not be worth going broke. A vacation is not simply designed to get a tan; its purpose is to gain new experiences and acquaint yourself with new people and places. To do so does not require spendin... see more

#1219 Possible Effects Of The Online Retail Tax

After months of speculation, the U.S. Senate has finally passed a bill that will impose a sales tax on e-commerce outlets and online retailers. The decision was made following a decisive 69-27 vote, and the proposed legislation will now face further scrutiny in the House of Representatives. If th... see more

#1160 7 Ways To Protect Against Credit Card Hacks

Pardon us for sounding all doom and gloom, but a series of incidents proves that your sensitive financial and personal data isn't necessary safe. Look at some recent stats. A Home Depot data breach affected some 56 million credit and debit cards. The well-known Target breach affe... see more

#1106 The Best Retirement Plans For Millennials

If you're a Millennial, two of the retirement savings options available to Americans are particularly good for you. The decades before you'll need the money means you don't have to save that much to end up with a sizeable fund down the road. Look at these two options.Roth IRA... see more

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