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Author: Christopher Williams

#1527 Credit Card Review: Capital One Quicksilver Rewards (COF)

Using a cash back rewards card to make daily purchases is a great way to put a good credit history to work. The problem is, many cash back cards have confusing purchase categories and complex rules that make it a challenge to maximize rewards. The Quicksilver Rewards card, issued by Capital One F... see more

#1515 Budgeting Tips: Living in Costa Rica on $1,000 a Month

It is possible to live a comfortable life in Costa Rica on approximately $1,000 a month, although you would probably be a bit more comfortable by spending $1,200 to $1,500 a month.The Basic Cost of Living in Costa RicaOverall, purchasing power is significantly higher in Costa Rica than in ... see more

#1512 The 10 Richest Women In Tech & Media (GOOG, BABA)

Who are the richest men in tech and media? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Jeff Bezos are more or less household names these days, but who are the richest women? These women are not all well-known. In fact, while some women are heard of every day, others are completely o... see more

#1499 Using Platinum Amex Benefits

Let's see, beyond impressing others (not only your companions but also waiters, desk clerks, and so on) when you take out your American Express (AXP) Platinum card to pay, are there any other benefits? Yes, so much so that, especially if you can take the hefty $450 yearly fee off your income tax ... see more

#1491 Understanding Home-Equity Loan Rates

Shopping for the best home-equity loan is a little more complex than shopping for groceries. There are payments terms to consider and interest rates to factor in over a potentially long stretch of time. Several interest-rate structures are available to borrowers, namely: fixed, variable and adjus... see more

#1485 The Best Credit Cards For Holiday Shopping

Now that you're starting your holiday shopping, you may be wondering which credit cards will give you the best advantages. To determine that, you first must consider whether you plan to pay them off in full immediately or if you expect to pay them off gradually over the next few months or longer.... see more

#1473 Credit Cards That Will Get You First Class Flights

Everybody wants to fly at the front of the plane. The bigger, more comfortable seats, a constant supply of snacks and drinks, and boarding and deplaning first are some of the perks that come with first class or business class seating. International and U.S. transcontinental flights often offer bo... see more

#1454 Retire In South Korea With $200,000 Of Savings?

Could it be done – retirement in a modern, technology-driven country like South Korea on savings of just $200,000? Considering that the average Social Security income of a U.S. retiree is over $1,300, the answer is yes! That $200,000 sum is much less than financial advisors recommend; it's also... see more

#1447 Refinancing Your Mortgage Isn’t Always Worth It

The housing industry has experienced its share of ups and downs over the last few years. While many of the issues plaguing the industry were devastating for homeowners (record foreclosures, underwater mortgages, lender scandals), one bright spot has been affordable mortgage rates.Freddie M... see more

#1403 Top 3 Tips to Find an Estate Planning Lawyer

More than half of Americans with children do not have a will in place, according to a survey by This includes 41% of Baby Boomers between the ages of 55 and 64. In many cases, those surveyed indicated that they didn't think they needed a will or that the documents were too expen... see more

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