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Author: Andrew Taylor

#1461 Opening a Bank Account in Thailand as an American

If you live or work in a foreign country, having a bank account there is pretty much a basic necessity. But even regular visitors may feel compelled to open a local account, once they get a taste of the extortionate foreign transaction fees and international ATM withdrawal fees imposed by U.S. ba... see more

#1452 How Much Money Do You Need to Retire in Uruguay?

Located between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, spanning only 68,039 square miles. While it may be small in size, this coastal country is a big hit with retirees around the globe. In fact, "International Living" magazine ranked Uruguay as the world's... see more

#1449 5 Ways to Stretch Your Retirement Dollars

Retirement can last more than twenty years, yet many people don't have enough money saved to get through one decade, let alone two. Consider this: according to the National Institute on Retirement Security, working-age households have, on average, $3,000 saved for retirement, while people nearing... see more

#1445 Top 7 Cities For Retiring In Thailand

Known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful climate, plus its ruins of ancient kingdoms, many present-day temples and, of course, Thai cuisine, Thailand offers a mix of everything from vibrant cosmopolitan cities to quiet waterside towns. Over the years, Thailand has turne... see more

#1418 Home Energy Audit Checklist – 5 Important Steps

A home energy audit is designed to identify improvements that will add comfort and enhance the performance of your HVAC system.#1 Identify air leakage areas.To achieve a higher level of energy efficiency, it's important to find air leaks in your home. If the weathe... see more

#1358 Maxed Out Your 401k? Here's What to Do Next

For most retirement savers their 401(k) plan is their main retirement savings vehicle. For 2016 the contribution limits are $18,000 and for those who will be 50 or over at any point during the year it is $24,000. Saving those amounts annually will go a long way towards proving a comfortable retir... see more

#1310 8 Alternatives To A Credit Card Cash Advance

A credit card cash advance is a cash loan from your credit card issuer. Like a credit card purchase, the cash advance will appear as a transaction on your statement and interest will accrue until it is paid off. There is usually no grace period for cash advances; interest accrues from the day of ... see more

#1300 Best Ways To Purchase Cheap Airline Tickets

If you walk down the aisle of any commercial airlines flight, you're likely to find that your fellow passengers paid significantly different amounts for the same types of seats, depending on when and how they purchased them.We decided to put some of these methods to the test. Here's what w... see more

#1140 Under the Tuscan Sun: Buying Real Estate in Italy

The allure of Tuscany has been so strong for so long that you might think nothing short of a major earthquake could shake the region's foreign real estate market. But for Italy, the 2008 financial crisis was an earthquake of sorts, and the region is only now showing signs of recovery.Those... see more

#1013 Can You Get Rich Creating Apps?

With the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices, apps have emerged as an integral part of the new tech economy. Over a million apps are available for download via Apple (AAPL) iTunes app store, the Google Play store, or Amazon (AMZN) in dozens of categories. Some apps help people manage ... see more

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