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Author: Michael Jackson

#1846 Top Retirement Community Developers

In recent years, the popularity of active adult living communities has grown. Many builders have begun specifically developing communities restricted to those of retirement age who are still seeking to be active. Each of the top retirement community developers has a unique strategy and style for ... see more

#1845 MBA vs. Executive MBA: Which Is Better?

Like many people, for Jennifer Knight, the deciding factor between picking a standard MBA vs. an executive MBA came down to how best to juggle classes with her day job, which was running her family-owned mill in Jesup, Ga. I chose the executive MBA because I was still working in and running the f... see more

#1776 Mortgages: Why It May Be Easier to Get One Now

Good news came out of Washington recently. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-chartered agencies that purchase mortgages from private lenders, agreed to rules that would potentially open mortgage markets to borrowers with less than perfect credit. (For more, see What You Need to Know Abou... see more

#1775 How Minimum Wage Impacts Unemployment

It has been over five years since the hourly federal minimum wage was increased from $6.55 to $7.25. During this period, individuals living on Social Security benefits received a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of 8.5%. This begs several questions: Is the minimum wage a viable living salary? If ... see more

#1770 Best Mortgage Companies Friendly to Retirees

Conventional wisdom tells us that we should try to eliminate all debt – including mortgages – before retirement. The reason is simple: Once retirement hits, the paychecks stop coming in; if you have no debt, your retirement savings will last longer. In the past, it was the norm for people to ... see more

#1757 How to Save Money on Your Disney Vacation

Disneyland and Disney World, part of the Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), may be two of the happiest places on Earth, but for people's wallets, Disney vacations can be anything but happy. With transportation and accommodations needed even before entering the parks, taking a family to Disneyland o... see more

#1718 Taxes in Florida for Small Businesses: The Basics

Florida offers a host of advantages to prospective small business owners. Compared to many states, small business regulations in Florida are minimal, and the state imposes fewer barriers to entry for new businesses. Florida's labor force is expanding at an annual rate of greater than 3% compared ... see more

#1715 Retirement Planning for Small Businesses

One of the chief concerns of small business owners and professional practitioners is how to defer enough income to allow them to retire comfortably. Many are unable to make significant contributions to traditional retirement plans during their startup phase and need to find ways to make up for lo... see more

#1658 Hotels Vs. Airbnb For Vegas Visitors

If you have the idea that no real people live in Las Vegas, guess again. They do, and there's a great way to meet them – while saving money at the same time.Instead of fighting the crowds in a bustling hotel, rent a privately owned room from a Vegas resident through Airbnb, the online ac... see more

#1641 Après Ski to Profit: Investing in a Swiss Chalet

Switzerland has long been revered for its pristine mountain landscapes, dotted with lovely villages that just happen to be home to some of the world's best ski resorts. Yet many Swiss nationals began to consider the dark side of their country's popularity among tourists when the booming market fo... see more

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