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Author: Matthew Taylor

#1847 Finance Vs. Economics Masters Vs. MBA

For many individuals looking to advance their career in business, earning an MBA may seem like an obvious way to get ahead. But if you work in the world of finance or economics, you'll have to decide whether getting a specialized degree in one of these two specialties might be a better alternativ... see more

#1822 What's the Cheapest Airfare Really?

Although Frontier Airlines has gotten a lot of publicity in the past month for simplifying its fare structure and lowering its cheapest fares by an average of 12%, it also changed some baggage-checking fees: It now charges passengers buying its cheapest air fares $50 to carry on a bag, if the ri... see more

#1754 7 Easy Steps to Negotiating a Raise

Even if your company is tightening its belt, it doesn't mean you can't ask for and receive a raise. If you work hard, have demonstrated success and your request is reasonable, it's up to your boss to find a way to say no (or just give you a raise). But even top performers will face negotiations a... see more

#1746 Six Traits Of Successful Retirees

When I coached baseball many years ago, a young ballplayer came to me asking for advice. I offered my opinion: he needed to get his act together. Then, like many young men might do, he griped about me to one of the other coaches. Our paths crossed again when he was 28 years old, at which point he... see more

#1741 Top 5 Most Successful American Entrepreneurs

America is known as a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, and it has quickly become one of the most innovative nations to date. With driven natural-born citizens and immigrants, America is one of the most successful countries in terms of entrepreneurship. From older companies such as Stand... see more

#1702 Bundle Your Insurance For Big Savings

Most American drivers start out using the same insurance company that their parents had, and never really think to switch. Some drivers may have changed insurance companies somewhere along the way to save a few bucks, but for the most part, they've made no conscious choices about their insurance ... see more

#1685 5 Steps to Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has been romanticized over the better half of the 21st century. With the rise of companies such as Google and Facebook, both of which made the founders wildly successful, people are enamored with the idea of becoming entrepreneurs.Unlike a traditional career path where the... see more

#1494 4 Reasons Why Americans Retire in Costa Rica

Part of the American Dream is the ability to retire in style. However, with the variability of Social Security payments, pension payments and 401(k) cashouts, many Americans may need to find thrifty ways to retire with the lifestyle they want. With reasonable health care costs, good infrastructur... see more

#1470 An Insider’s Guide: Finding Cheap Airline Tickets

You've boarded your flight to Austin, settled down into an uncomfortable middle seat in economy class and struck up a conversation with your seat mate – only to find out that he paid $100 less for the same ticket. If you've ever had this experience, you know the exquisite angst that's often a p... see more

#1420 Living And Death Benefit Riders: How Do They Work?

The annuity contracts that were first offered by insurance carriers over a century ago were relatively simple instruments. They were designed to insure the risk of superannuation, or outliving one's income, and provided a guaranteed income stream to annuitants in return for either a lump-sum or p... see more

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