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Author: Matthew Davis

#1818 Millennials Guide: How to Pick the Right Mortgage

As you gear up to buy a home, you're probably caught up in the excitement of a kaleidoscope of choices: Fixer upper or turnkey? Small condo in the heart of the city or sprawling house in the suburbs? Traditional or contemporary? Brick or stucco? Fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage?OK, s... see more

#1802 Part-Time Vs. Executive MBA: Which One To Pick?

Earning a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) is an important step in climbing the corporate ladder. Whether you seek a promotion at a financial firm or aim to become an entrepreneur with your own startup, an MBA can help you achieve those goals. Graduates from MBA programs typically... see more

#1738 Unintended Consequences of No COLA for Retirees

Social Security recipients recently got the bad news from the government that there will be no cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase for 2016. (For more, see Is the Cost-of-Living (COLA) Adjustment Mandatory?) That means millions of Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal re... see more

#1712 Five Rules of Persistence for Entrepreneurs

Anything worth attaining will require persistence, is the first lesson of entrepreneurship. This is especially the case when it comes to trying to close a new client. My mentor Grant Cardone said it best: If you are one of those people that became convinced by your parents, teacher and environmen... see more

#1629 Study Abroad: Budget For Brazil

With world-renowned beaches and vast expanses of the Amazon rainforest, Latin America's largest and most populous country could be an unforgettable study-abroad destination. In the last ten years, the number of U.S. students spending time in Brazil, one of the world's fastest growing economies, h... see more

#1628 How The Target Credit Card Works

Store credit cards are the object of much criticism. Because of Target's 2014 data breach, signing up for its credit card might come with a fair amount of skepticism on anybody's part. But the data breach can happen to any store if you believe the experts. Is the Target REDCard worth a place in y... see more

#1533 World's Top Tourist Cities

International tourist arrivals reached a record 1.087 billion (1087 million, in the international parlance used at the UN) in 2013, a 5% growth over the previous year, according to "UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2014 Edition," the most recent data available from the United Nations Wo... see more

#1523 Credit Card Review: Citi Double Cash

A cash back credit card is a flexible alternative to airline miles cards, gas cards and other specialty rewards cards. However, cash back programs are often complicated, with multiple reward levels and confusing limitations. The Citi Double Cash card does away with tiered rewards, rotating purcha... see more

#1337 Traveling to Hawaii on a Budget

The Hawaiian archipelago of 132 islands may seem like paradise on Earth, but is it possible to experience it without breaking the bank? The answer is yes, if you are ready to do some research and be flexible.TravelFlying to and from the islands is pretty much unavoidable, but there is a bi... see more

#1239 6 Dental Insurance Plans with No Waiting Periods

People buying their own dental insurance (as opposed to those covered by an employer's plan) sometimes get a nasty surprise when they sign up: a waiting period. Unlike regular health insurance, in which coverage usually starts immediately or at the beginning of the next month, dental plans often ... see more

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