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Author: Jacob Williams

#1736 When Is Grad School Worth It?

For some people, graduate school is the key to advancing in their career. For others, a graduate degree may have minimal impact on their earnings and career trajectory. School might still be worth it intellectually, but don't decide without doing the analysis – and the math. Ask yourself the ... see more

#1697 Make Money Fast From The New 'Sharing Economy'

Do you like to share? Are you comfortable lending a neighbor your hedge clippers, a friend your pickup truck to move furniture or a coworker your spare room for his visiting cousin?If that's you, you're going to love the new sharing economy. Some people believe that it will do to consumer ... see more

#1692 Are Hybrid Cars Really More Economical?

Hybrid cars can potentially be more economical to drive than fuel-based cars, but it really depends on the type of hybrid you drive, how much you drive and how long you own your car. The overriding question is whether they are more economical in the long run. Unquestionably, you can realize immed... see more

#1636 Obamacare May Reduce Auto Insurance Rates

A benefit of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may be a drop in car insurance premiums as health care providers shoulder more of the treatment costs tied to accidents and injuries, according to a new report from a leading think-tank.The non-profit Rand Corporation says the rise in the number o... see more

#1548 7 Car Buying Mistakes That Cost You Money

Buying a car is a complex process and often an emotional decision. Cost and reliability are usually the primary factors consumers consider when buying a car, but consumers also want a vehicle that expresses their personality and fits their lifestyle. Car salespeople were voted the fourth l... see more

#1504 Goldman Sachs’s Entry Into Online Lending

Financial technology's emergence has become a disruptive force in an expanding number of financial services. Fundamental to financial technology is the link between technological advancements and financial services. As a result the customer benefits from greater transparency and accessibility to ... see more

#1400 Five Job Interview Deal Breakers

A job interview is your opportunity to make a good impression. In fact, there are few times when making a strong impression matters more than when you're interacting with a hiring manager.Nevertheless, some candidates play Russian roulette during this critical interaction. Through ignoranc... see more

#1302 Credit Card Rewards Devaluation: How To Avoid It?

Imagine opening a travel rewards credit card with the intention of using the points or miles gleaned over the course of the next year to pay for a family vacation, only to see excitement turn into disappointment when the number of points or miles required for redemption rises inexplicably, making... see more

#1196 Tortoises Win The Retirement Race

The race to the finish line—the time between an empty nest and retirement—is tightening. A major generational shift has taken place, and it's having a huge impact on when and how we save and plan.Most older baby boomers like myself had children in their 20s and empty nests by age 50. T... see more

#1168 Study Abroad: Budget for Florence

In the late 16th century it was fashionable for young aristocrats to travel to Florence as part of their Grand Tour of Europe, marking the end of their classical education. Travel was both arduous and expensive then and limited to the privileged classes. What a difference a few hundred years make... see more

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