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Author: Jacob Taylor

#1852 8 Possible Risks of Unsecured Personal Loans

Need a loan? There are plenty out there to choose from but the most straightforward is a personal loan, sometimes known as an unsecured loan. This is an open-ended loan that you are allowed to use for pretty much any purpose you want. You could pay off a higher-interest credit card, fund an adopt... see more

#1831 Best Resumes For MBA Applications

The biggest difference between a regular job-search resume and a resume specifically aimed toward entry into an MBA program is sheer quantity. Just in term of pre-application review I look at hundreds per year, and we only do intake in the fall, says Katharine Travers, Admissions and Outreach Spe... see more

#1691 When Should You Pay Those Pesky Car Rental Fees?

We're all aware of how airlines love to nickel-and-dime us with add-on fees (see Air and Rail Travel Fee Rip-Offs). But unbundled pricing has spread to other sectors of the travel industry as well, such as rental cars. A typical hired-auto bill nowadays contains an alphabet soup of additional fee... see more

#1687 How To 'Spring Clean' Your Credit Cards

Credit cards are a useful tool for managing purchases, building credit, and reaping rewards point, cash back, or travel points. Unfortunately, the terms of credit cards change regularly, and a card which once had a great rewards program might not be as enticing as it once was.Every year, i... see more

#1682 10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs of the Decade

Women have been paving the path for entrepreneurs in every industry for many decades. From Estee Lauder, who launched her cosmetics company (EL) in the 1940s and Ruth Fertel, who wanted to have the best steak restaurant--Ruth's Chris Steak House (RUTH), to feminine luggage tycoons Patricia R. Mil... see more

#1648 5 Affordable Fall Vacation Spots for Baby Boomers

It's still hard to believe that many baby boomers, the generation that typified the eternal youth of the 1960s, are officially senior citizens. Three years ago, the first batch of boomers turned 65, ready to cash in on Social Security, their IRAs, and other savings and retirement accounts.... see more

#1637 Take the Pain Out of Selling Your House – Online

If you've ever sold a house, you know what a major headache it can be. First, there's the hassle of pinpointing the right real estate agent. Once you hire an agent and list your home, then comes the really hard work.You'll need to stage your home and keep every room meticulously clean so t... see more

#1623 What to Know About Transferable Points Programs

Credit card rewards can be extremely valuable for anyone who loves to travel. The sign-up bonuses that credit card issuers hand out after applying for a new card can earn you a free ticket to most places in the world. But which card is right for you?The answer depends on your travel goals.... see more

#1610 Taxes in New York for Small Business: The Basics

New York offers a wide array of benefits to prospective small business owners. The state is home to New York City, which is considered to be the epicenter of the world's economy. The global economy is complex and powered by many economic engines, but the biggest and most powerful of these are hou... see more

#1569 Why, How, Where and When Entrepreneurs Make Money

The final purpose of an entrepreneurial venture is to successfully establish a new business and generate windfall profits from it. Social entrepreneurship may not necessarily have profit as its target, so this article will remain focused on profit generating entrepreneurial ventures.You've... see more

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