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Author: Jacob Smith

#1837 What Does It Cost to Retire in Alaska?

For many Americans, the thought of retirement is synonymous with sunny locales, golf courses, beaches and tennis courts. While hordes of retirees flock to places such as Florida, Arizona and Las Vegas, a growing contingency is heading in the opposite direction. These trailblazers are living out t... see more

#1647 Retiring in Panama: The Pros & Cons

Panama has become one of the world's top retirement havens. Beautiful beaches, lush mountains, rich biodiversity and a capital city that rivals many U.S. and European cities in terms of culture, atmosphere and conveniences entice expats from around the world in search of new experiences and a cha... see more

#1640 Salary Vs. Hourly: How Benefits & Laws Differ

Often, holding a steady job is more important than the particulars of how you're paid. So what if you were offered a higher-level job that would take you from an hourly employee status to a salaried post? Your first instinct would likely be to yell a resounding Yes! since it probably comes with a... see more

#1489 Understand the Real Cost of Refinancing A Mortgage

With interest rates low and seeming not yet prepared to head north, refinancing a mortgage remains irresistible to many homeowners. But in gauging whether a refinancing makes financial sense, don't overlook the less obvious expense that goes with it: the various fees that can run into the thousan... see more

#1362 Getting a Mortgage In Your 50s

It's not hard to find a 50-something asking the question, Am I too old to buy a home? The answer is, absolutely not. A couple of decades ago, the assumption was that everybody retired around age 60 or 65, but today, three out of four Americans plan to work past retirement age. In other words, at ... see more

#1349 Guidelines for FHA Reverse Mortgages

If you take out the most popular type of reverse mortgage, a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), your loan and your home will have to meet Federal Housing Administration (FHA) requirements because the FHA insures these mortgages. Here's an overview of the most important guidelines you should ... see more

#1317 Comparing Credit Card Companies

When Diner's Club introduced its charge card in 1950, the idea that shoppers could use the same piece of plastic at multiple retailers was a novel concept. Times have certainly changed, with consumers now able to choose among hundreds of different credit cards. See Credit Cards: A Brief History.... see more

#1305 Credit Card Rewards: Cash Back Vs. Airline Miles

We all have friends who have planned amazing trips or gotten a brand new mixer based on their credit card rewards. Credit card rewards can be great because they are free money (provided you aren't paying annual fees or interest).The question is, which type of rewards card makes the most se... see more

#1285 Best And Worst Countries For Entrepreneurs

We read about them in the news and watch them on television every day: people who have the creativity to develop ideas, the confidence to handle risks and the tenacity to turn those ideas into successful businesses. Entrepreneurs are important to a nation's economy. They provide inspiration and m... see more

#1230 What Baby Boomers Need To Know About Making Out A Will

Let's face it; nobody relishes the task of making out a will. Squarely addressing the prospect of your own mortality can be upsetting enough. But the financial questions surrounding what and how to arrange for one's heirs are disconcerting, too.Baby boomers in particular are facing this ch... see more

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