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Author: Jacob Harris

#1817 The Economics of Owning a Coffee Shop

It is no secret that starting any business from scratch comes with difficulties. If you dream of owning a coffee shop, however, with hard work, extensive experience, analytical skills and a well-designed business plan, you can succeed. Understanding the economics of owning a coffee shop is a vita... see more

#1753 5 Money Saving Travel Tips For Las Vegas

Las Vegas – known as the Entertainment Capital of the World – hosted 41,126,512 visitors in 2014, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. In case you're wondering, that's an average of 112,675 people each day who come for vacations, to gamble or to attend one of the more... see more

#1651 Winter Home Maintenance Projects You Need To Know

During this holiday season, you've likely been busy getting ready for all the parties, activities and family moments ahead. To make sure your home is as prepared as you are, here are six home maintenance projects suited to the colder months of the year:1. Replace Your Windows... see more

#1583 5 Benefits of Rolling Over a 401(k)

Maybe you're getting close to retirement or you've changed jobs. If you have a 401(k), you're faced with an important decision: Do you keep it where it is or roll it into an individual retirement account (IRA)? (You also could roll it into a 401(k) offered by your next employer; more on that, bel... see more

#1558 What You Need To Think About Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship starts with an individual who remains responsible for its success or failure throughout the venture. Before considering any and all external dependencies, the most important factor for entrepreneurs is an honest and realistic self-assessment. (See Investopedia's fun piece, "Ridic... see more

#1547 Top Alternatives To A Co-signer

Maybe you want a car loan so you can drive to work. Public transportation where you live is poor; relying on it severely limits where you can work, compromises your safety or takes up way too much of your free time. You're convinced you can make the payments, but you don't have quite enough incom... see more

#1495 Credit Card Review: Platinum American Express (AXP, UAL)

There are lots of luxury rewards cards, but the biggest name in the game is the American Express Platinum. If you are looking for the gold standard for frequent travelers, big spenders and wallet-held status symbols, this is it.American Express (AXP) had to make several revisions to its Pl... see more

#1469 Credit Card Review: BankAmericard (BAC)

Bank of America (BAC) has a full line of credit cards – known as BankAmericards – available for customers with all sorts of different financing needs. This line is convenient for customers who need to rebuild credit, establish credit, earn rewards, or want to keep all of their debits and cred... see more

#1324 Rolling Over a 401(k)? Consider the Fees

Everything costs money these days, and if you know anything about financial services, you know that doing something with your money can also cost money. That includes rolling over your 401(k) (see The Basics of a 401(k) Retirement Plan). Whether you landed a new job or you're retiring, you're eli... see more

#1274 Watch Out For These Top Internet Scams

Internet scams are constantly evolving. Much of the $190 billion raked in each year by credit card fraud comes from online schemes. As long as there are gullible heartstrings to tug, con artists around the world are targeting a computer near you.So, what should you look out for when it com... see more

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