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Author: Jacob Davis

#1758 Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

If you live in the United States, Barclay's isn't a household name like Bank of America or Wells Fargo but around the world, it's one of the most respected names in banking. For a financial institution, surviving more than 300 years through depressions, recessions, and multiple world wars is impr... see more

#1652 How Much Money Do You Need to Retire in India?

The benefits of retiring in India can be abundant but the effort required can be exhausting. For those with ties with India, retirement to the subcontinent is a relatively simple endeavor; for everyone else, there are significant administrative obstacles. (For an overall look at the advantages a... see more

#1626 Help! My Unemployment Benefits Are Running Out

Unemployment compensation was designed to provide income to people who lose their job. The problem is that benefits run out rather quickly. Your claim lasts one year (your benefit year), but most states only pay benefits for 13 to 26 weeks – a little more than 6 months – during the year.... see more

#1621 Unemployment Rates by Country

Unemployment in the U.S. dipped to 5.4% this spring. It was the lowest rate in the last seven years and shows the nation is recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. By way of comparison, historical research from finds the average U.S. unemployment rate from 1948 through th... see more

#1582 The Best Credit Cards For Airport Lounges

You know how it goes. You're walking through the airport, and you see the frosted doors and the beautifully crafted wood frame that adorns an airport lounge. You get a glimpse inside when somebody opens the door and what you see is breathtaking by airport standards: couches, TVs, work areas, and ... see more

#1574 Airport Lounges Are for Everyone With the Right Credit Card

Anyone that spends a lot of time in airports understands just how important it is to feel comfortable and be able to relax during a layover. One of the best ways to kick your feet up and make it to your connecting flight with ease is by having access to an airport lounge.When a lot of peop... see more

#1543 Beware Of Payday Loans

Sometimes people get in a severe cash crunch and desperately need to raise money quickly. It could be an emergency car repair, a check that bounced, a bill that absolutely must be paid – in a month when they're maxed out on their credit cards. That's when it's easy to stumble into the not-so-hi... see more

#1524 Credit Card Review: Chase Freedom (JPM, AMZN)

The Chase Freedom card puts good credit to work by returning a percentage of all spending as cash, effectively delivering a discount on every eligible purchase. Issued by Chase Bank USA, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), the Chase Freedom card delivers cash back benefits and sign-up... see more

#1483 The Best Sports Car for Investors (FCAU, VLKAY)

Ferrari, perhaps the best known sports car brand in the world, will have its IPO soon, issuing common shares to investors for the first time. This Italian automobile maker is famous for both its Formula 1 racing legacy as well as its appeal to wealthy individuals. The price of a new Ferrari can r... see more

#1455 Read This Before Buying a Vacation Home with Friends

Purchasing a vacation home is on many people's to do list, but the hefty price tag for a beachfront property or a mountain retreat can make it only a pipe dream. Increasingly, buyers are teaming up with friends to share the cost and the expenses associated with owning a vacation home.Buddy... see more

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