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Author: Ethan Taylor

#1848 6 Reasons To Get Your MBA Abroad

A growing number of U.S. students are heading abroad for their MBA studies – and with good reason. America may be home to some of the world's most prestigious business schools, but there are many advantages to undertaking an overseas MBA program instead of one in your own backyard. In fact, a n... see more

#1842 Rebalance IRA: Is This Robo-Advisor the Right Fit for You?

Rebalance IRA is a specialty robo-advisor dedicated to managing retirement assets. For most workers, retirement monies are their greatest financial asset. Smart IRA and retirement asset management is a crucial determinant of whether you'll meet your retirement goals or not.The robo-advisor... see more

#1778 Why Are Tesla Cars So Expensive?

Tesla Motors (TSLA), the brainchild of entrepreneur Elon Musk, has made waves by challenging the auto industry and producing its own all-electric car. While car companies such as Toyota (TM), Ford (F) and General Motors (GM) have... see more

#1748 Best Places To Exchange Currency In New York City

Along with the certainty of Death and Taxes, if you require a passport to travel to New York City and you intend to purchase anything from bottled water to a night on the town, you will have to change your currency to U.S. dollars. Fortunately, name almost any currency, from euros to Rai stones (... see more

#1726 7 Ways to Maximize Your Retirement Savings When You Leave the Workforce

Retirement isn't the end of the line anymore and can easily last for twenty years or more. If you are like millions of people, you probably didn't save enough for this phase of your life. But that doesn't mean you're in a hopeless situation. There are a host of ways to maximize your savings even ... see more

#1661 Spring-Break Vacations for Retirees: Bring the Grandkids

The words spring break may conjure images of college students partying away their days and nights at the shore (remember?), but a spring holiday is a good idea at any age. It's an excellent time to shake off the winter doldrums, grab a dose of Vitamin D and enjoy some family time. Summer gatherin... see more

#1611 Should Social Security Be Privatized? An Unbiased Review

A decade ago, the push to privatize Social Security looked dead in the water. Fresh off his re-election, then-President George W. Bush put the issue at the top of his second-term agenda. Even so, he couldn't get enough votes in Congress to turn his vision into a reality. However, the 2016 ... see more

#1607 Is It Safe To Travel To Colombia?

There's no doubt about it: The snow-capped Andean summits, pristine Caribbean coast, lush Amazon jungle, quaint colonial towns, mysterious archaeological ruins and ample opportunities for outdoor adventures make Colombia a beautiful, interesting and exciting place to visit. Despite this, until re... see more

#1556 10 Ways for Healthcare Firms to Improve Cash Flow

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are always looking for ways to cut expenses. Unlike most businesses, though, these firms don't have as much opportunity to increase revenue. Cash flow improvement is a challenging situation, but there are definitely ways to improve cash flow in healthcare. (... see more

#1535 Your Retirement Portfolio: Best Ways to Liquidate It

There's no absence of advice on how to build your retirement savings account. But once you do shut that office door, and the first day of the rest of your life begins, how do you correctly deconstruct your portfolio? Liquidation takes just as much skill as creation.How Much to Withdraw?How... see more

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