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Author: Christopher Harris

#1835 For Financial Independence, Forget the McMansion

Being financially independent sounds like a dream life – sitting at home, reading on a beach or being a stay-at-home mom are all better alternatives to commuting an hour a day in heavy traffic to listen to Sue talk about her totally awesome weekend. Achieving financial independence means having... see more

#1808 GPA And Applying For An MBA Program

More and more people these days seek to enhance their career opportunities by earning a Master Of Business Administration (MBA) degree, which can translate to higher salaries, opportunities for promotions, or the skills to become an entrepreneur and start a new business.When applying to a ... see more

#1693 5 Luxury Cars with Low Resale Value

Aston Martin. Bentley. BMW. Jaguar. When you think of luxury cars, these names come to mind. Beautiful, fast and fun, they represent the good life – and come with price tags that reflect their status.Or do they?While you will pay a small fortune to take these cars off the s... see more

#1675 How FlightCar Works

FlightCar is the answer to your airport parking woes. The company, started in 2012 was founded by two teenagers who saw an opportunity for alternate airport parking solutions. Kevin Petrovic and Kujul Zaparde deferred admission to Princeton and Harvard to launch the company and, ... see more

#1580 Comparing The Capital One Miles Credit Cards

If you're an avid TV watcher you probably know Capital One for one thing: the commercials that you wouldn't expect from a bank. Chase and Citibank have attractive 30-somethings going about their day flashing their credit card everywhere they go, but Capital One has Vikings and Samuel L. Jackson. ... see more

#1487 Cash Out Vs. Rate/Term Mortgage Refinancing Loans

Mortgage terminology got you down? Don't fret: Figuring out all of the complicated phrases and vocabulary like "amortization" and "loan to value" is enough to intimidate any borrower. And, if you're thinking of refinancing your mortgage, prepare to learn some new terms: "cash-out loan" and a "rat... see more

#1433 Top-Ranked Personal Finance Software

As we approach a new year, it's a great time to find good personal finance software to get control over your finances as part of your New Year's resolutions. No matter how well you manage your funds, finding easy-to-use software can help you:track and categorize spendingmanag... see more

#1383 Study Abroad: Budget for London

Thinking about studying in London? Study abroad can deliver a big return on your investment, with a significant impact on your resume and your earning potential. As Daniel Obst, deputy vice president of International Partnerships in Higher Education at the Institute of International Education (II... see more

#1206 Mortgage Vs. Student Loan Vs. Saving

There's nothing quite as disheartening as finding yourself under a massive amount of debt. Unfortunately, that's an experience many consumers have, whether it's maxing out credit cards or financing a new home. So if you have a few extra dollars in your bank account, you should use them to pay dow... see more

#1193 Calculate Your Self-Employed Salary

Being your own boss is a wonderful feeling. You have the freedom to take your career in whatever direction most interests you and you get to decide your work schedule, dress code and daily routine. According to a 2014 report from CareerBuilder, there are approximately 10 million Americans working... see more

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