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Author: Christopher Davis

#1779 How Does CareCredit Work?

Healthcare is expensive. Next to rent or a mortgage payment, healthcare costs can be one of the biggest monthly budget items for many people. Paying medical bills can be a financial burden and a significant challenge. To help consumers address this challenge, a variety of well-known lenders and h... see more

#1774 Why College Graduates Are Settling for Minimum Wage Jobs

Going to college means you're going to land a high-paying job and make lot of money, right? That is not the case in today's world. A fair amount of college graduates are settling for minimum wage or low paying jobs. Obtaining a high-paying job right out of college is becoming a thing of the past.... see more

#1563 The 4 Worst Reasons For A Cash Advance

A cash advance is a loan from your credit card. It usually comes at a higher APR than regular purchases and is often limited to a percentage of your overall credit limit (terms vary by card and customer). Interest accrues from the date of the transaction (there is no grace period). Cash advances ... see more

#1529 Is My Health Insurance Good In Another State?

You just got a new job – congratulations – or maybe decided to retire. And you'll be leaving your state to do so. Does the insurance you have now cross state lines when your moving truck does?It may or it may not. But there are things you can do to make sure you keep your coverage or p... see more

#1525 Hotels Vs. Airbnb For New York City Visitors

Do you love visiting New York City, but hate the sky-high hotel prices? Here's an alternative: Rent a privately owned room from a city resident. A number of online services have recently sprung up to facilitate this, most notably Airbnb, which launched in 2008.Log on to to view ... see more

#1508 Outsource This!: The Top 10 Jobs for Millennials

It's no secret that most millennials, thus far, have had a rough go in the job market.The first batch of millennials — those who finished college in the early or mid-2000s — entered the labor market at a pretty good time, but were hammered by the recession starting in late 2007. From t... see more

#1507 Before You Remarry: Blending 2 Families' Finances

Financial planning when preparing for a new marriage is always a challenge, but it can be even harder when you're trying to blend two families. Whether you both have kids or just one of you is bringing children into your second marriage, here are some steps to plan for your newly combined family.... see more

#1428 The Pros And Cons Of Refinancing A Mortgage Loan

Current refinance rates are at all-time lows; as such, refinancing a mortgage is more attractive than ever before. However, Hale Walker of MiMutual, believes that people need to take into account the entire cost of refinancing and not just how much interest rates... see more

#1422 How Good a Deal is an Indexed Annuity?

Annuities once came in two basic varieties. On one side were fixed annuities that provide the holder with modest returns but the security of guaranteed payments. The alternative was a variable type, whose return is based on how well a basket of stocks or bonds performs.Over the last severa... see more

#1413 How Pandora And Spotify Pay Artists

During his quarterly earnings conference phoner on October 22, 2015, Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews cast some shade on archrival Spotify:But I think some other models like Spotify and others, there are some that have perpetual free alternatives, and that is going to attract some o... see more

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