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Author: Andrew Williams

#1829 5 Money Lessons Your Parents Taught You That Are Wrong

Because teaching kids about money isn't required in most schools, parents play a crucial role in cultivating sound money management skills in their children.In fact, personal finance is one of the most important lessons moms and dads are faced with passing down, right up there with the "bi... see more

#1766 4 Tips To Cut Your Monthly Car Costs

Seeing your hard-earned money get drained month after month by recurring fees and expenses can be incredibly frustrating. Between the necessities of housing, transportation and food, it's a common personal finance rule of thumb to allot a whole 50 percent of your income to cover these costs.But t... see more

#1742 7 Entrepreneurs Who Became Successful in their 20s (FB, YHOO)

Becoming a successful entrepreneur can happen at any stage of life. Some entrepreneurs become successful after years in the workforce, while others start a company as their first job ever. While a majority of successful entrepreneurs actually start companies later in life after gaining real-world... see more

#1683 Why do Priceline & Hotwire Hide Hotel Names?

It's well-known that product differentiation results in higher prices and higher profit for companies. Hotels, for example, might distinguish themselves from other hotels by offering the best location, the best service or superior amenities. Without product differentiation, hotel rooms become, mo... see more

#1555 How Umbrella Insurance Works

Umbrella insurance is a type of personal liability insurance. Also called excess liability insurance, it's indispensable when you find yourself liable for a claim larger than your homeowners or auto insurance liability will cover. If you own a boat, umbrella insurance will also pick up where your... see more

#1551 The Purpose Of The I-9 Form

The government recognizes that the opportunity for employment is one of the most important magnets attracting illegal immigrants to the United States, as one federal report states. To help prevent the influx of illegal immigrants, employers in the United States are only allowed to employ workers ... see more

#1536 3 Big Medical Costs and How to Protect Against Them

Whether you are just starting out or nearing retirement, a medical event can cause financial strain. In this age of consumer-directed healthcare, people are required to foot a larger portion of their medical costs, which means more out-of-pocket expenses. It's partly the reason medical bankruptci... see more

#1534 How Cooking At Home Can Save You Real Dough

The following scene is common for many people after they've come home from work. They've had a stressful day, the whole family is hungry, and while the clock notes that dinnertime is fast approaching, they have no idea what to make or serve. Getting some fast food is the easiest solution to this ... see more

#1510 Five Tax Strategies For A Bonus Or Windfall

Riddle: When could a bonus or windfall ever cast a cloud on your good fortune?Answer: April 15th.Yes, it's inevitable: That bonus for a job well done or inheritance from Great Uncle Alfred can often result in your paying a bigger chunk of money to t... see more

#1492 Top 3 Cities To Retire To In Cambodia

Living well at low cost attracts retirees to Cambodia, so let's get specific about the best places to live, especially if you want to get away from the congestion of Phnom Penh, the capital city. There's a lot of beautiful scenery packed in that little country, so we had to settle on three: Batta... see more

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