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#1830 Your Bad Financial Habits Can Hurt Your Kids

Author: Christopher Williams

Because most things money are taught at home, the way parents handle their finances can have a lasting impact on their children's financial habits. That's the message of the 6th Annual Parents, Kids & Money Survey published in March 2014 by Baltimore-based T. Rowe Price. When... see more

#1829 5 Money Lessons Your Parents Taught You That Are Wrong

Author: Andrew Williams

Because teaching kids about money isn't required in most schools, parents play a crucial role in cultivating sound money management skills in their children.In fact, personal finance is one of the most important lessons moms and dads are faced with passing down, right up there with the "bi... see more

#1825 How To Profit From Solar Energy

Author: Christopher Williams

Once regarded as too expensive and inefficient, solar energy is now becoming a more viable option for consumers and businesses alike. Alternative energy s are typically more in demand when the price of fossil fuels is high, but there are still many ways to profit from solar energy – both when o... see more

#1819 Why Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Might Be In Trouble

Author: Christopher Taylor

Nearly seven years into the financial crisis, the drama of government-sponsored enterprises Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae continues in the courtroom and in the halls of Congress. Following weak earnings in 2014, concerns about future bailouts have pushed for reform. Meanwhile, hedge fund managers ar... see more

#1818 Millennials Guide: How to Pick the Right Mortgage

Author: Matthew Davis

As you gear up to buy a home, you're probably caught up in the excitement of a kaleidoscope of choices: Fixer upper or turnkey? Small condo in the heart of the city or sprawling house in the suburbs? Traditional or contemporary? Brick or stucco? Fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage?OK, s... see more

#1816 I'm Retired: Is it Safe to Invest in the Technology Sector?

Author: Michael Taylor

Technology stocks got off to a rough start this year: by mid-January, the Nasdaq Composite (a tech-heavy index, considered a benchmark for the sector) had fallen 14% from its 52-week high. Many techies have rallied a bit since, but given that the Nasdaq followed an upward trajectory from 2009 thr... see more

#1814 The Battle Between Apple Watch & Luxury Watches

Author: Matthew Smith

The luxury watch industry was threatened in the 1970's when a wave of cheap and accurate quartz watches from Asia hit the market. However, the industry bounced back and has since enjoyed up-trending sales year after year on the back of rising interest in luxury items. Forty years later, and luxur... see more

#1810 3 Key Steps To Take Before You Quit Your Job

Author: Matthew Harris

However much you like your job, however much you realize you're lucky to have it (especially in the recent economy), there will come a time when you want to leave it. Possibly you want and have gotten a better job. Or, increasingly likely these days, you want to start your own company and you're ... see more

#1808 GPA And Applying For An MBA Program

Author: Christopher Harris

More and more people these days seek to enhance their career opportunities by earning a Master Of Business Administration (MBA) degree, which can translate to higher salaries, opportunities for promotions, or the skills to become an entrepreneur and start a new business.When applying to a ... see more

#1805 Why Housing Costs Shouldn't Exceed 30% of Your Budget

Author: Daniel Harris

Housing is definitely the biggest expense we face in our lives. Whether you're a homeowner or renter, having a warm, safe place to live is a number one priority, and our budgets should reflect that. Sometimes, though, people get a bit carried away and spend their money on things they don't need, ... see more

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