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These Are the Top Jobs for Retirees (SBUX)

Author: Matthew Williams

For some people, retirement represents total and immediate separation from the working world. Any daily activity that does not take place on a golf course, tennis court, beach or fishing boat is tantamount to anathema for these retirees. Others, however, view retirement as a time to explore career options they can pursue for sheer enjoyment, rather than needing the paycheck to make ends meet. Then there are the retirees who pursue work out of a legitimate financial need; these workers may receive retirement benefits, such as Social Security, but find them insufficient to live the lifestyle they desire.

Retirees working solely for enjoyment and to get out of the house have more flexibility in choosing a job than those who need the money to pay bills. With some determination, most retirees can find employment they love and that enriches their golden years.


The word "retail" often conjures up images of boring drudgery at a grocery store or big box store. However, the field is much broader and offers myriad opportunities for retirees to find flexible, low-stress work doing something they enjoy.

A retiree who loves golf might seek a retail job at a local pro shop. Such a job offers the benefit of working in a relaxed environment, mingling with local golfers and staying apprised of the latest clubs and merchandise, all while earning a paycheck. Even better, many country clubs and local courses offer pro shop employees discounted rounds of golf.

Coffee aficionados usually have little trouble finding barista work at coffee shops, whether locally owned or a large chain, such as Starbucks. This is another win-win, as it allows a retiree to get out of the house and doing something enjoyable while making money.


For retirees who love to drive, there is money to be made simply getting behind the wheel and shuttling others to their destinations. Retirees have found enjoyable part-time work driving school buses, airport shuttles and even limousines.

Drivers wanting the ultimate degree of flexibility and comfort now have more options than ever. Ride-sharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, provide the opportunity for drivers to get paid for giving people rides in their personal vehicles. These drivers are never required to be on the clock; they work only when they want by signing in to a smartphone app that lets ride seekers nearby know they are available.

Call Centers

It is usually not the most exciting work, but retirees with great phone voices who love to talk earn good hourly wages providing sales support and customer service in call centers. Cellphone companies, cable providers and insurance companies represent a few industries with call centers.

Another benefit of call center work is scheduling is often less rigid than in a traditional office environment. Many call centers allow their employees to set their schedules from week to week; if a retiree wants to take a trip to the Florida Keys, or her grandkids are coming to visit, she can elect not to sign up for any shifts that week.


A retiree who is an expert in a certain field can make great money and have a lot of fun tutoring students in that field. For example, a retired chemist might contract with a local university or community college to provide tutoring services in the chemistry department. A retired math teacher can set up shop as a private math tutor by posting simple, free classified ads.

Tutoring is a great field for a retiree who wants autonomy and flexibility because it is not so much a job as it is running a small business. That means the retiree has control over what his hours are and how much he charges for his services.

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