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Top Airline Miles Credit Cards

Author: Andrew Davis

Like to travel? If you do, why not look for a travel card? Instead of cash back or general rewards points, you earn points to use towards air travel, rental cars, hotel stays or other travel-related expenses.

There are many cards to choose from, but here are four to put at the top of your list. The chart below will give you details on annual fees, foreign transaction fees and interest rates, plus bonus miles and other benefits. The annual fee is generally waived for the first year.

Note that in general, the larger the annual fee, the lusher the bonus-miles rewards are. And that, at least when we first wrote this story (this chart is self-updating), not all the cards below offered no-cost foreign transactions. A foreign transaction fee is like another tax on your purchases.

This is an interactive chart, so you can click on an individual card to get more details. Or, click on "View Full Comparison" to get even more information about how the cards compare. Pay attention to how many points or miles you get for each purchase, and what you can buy with them.

Credit Cards | FindTheBest

The Bottom Line

No reward or perk is worth anything if you keep a balance on your credit card. If you can't pay the balance in full each month, it's better to have a card with the lowest possible interest rate.

If you would never (or hardly ever) dream of paying interest, these travel cards are worth a second look. For more, see Do Your Card's Travel Benefits Make The Grade?

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