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The 10 Richest Women In Tech & Media (GOOG, BABA)

Author: Christopher Williams

Who are the richest men in tech and media? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Jeff Bezos are more or less household names these days, but who are the richest women? These women are not all well-known. In fact, while some women are heard of every day, others are completely obscure.

10. Cher Wang ($890 million)

Cher Wang's wealth comes from her shares in HTC Corporation, a Taiwanese company that makes smartphones and tablets. The HTC Corporation is growing and had revenue of $41.5 billion this past quarter.

9. Sheryl Sandberg ($1.04 billion)

Sheryl Sandberg is a former Google (GOOG) executive who joined Facebook (FB) in 2007. She is considered the person responsible for turning Facebook into a profitable company in 2010 after implementing an advertising strategy. Sandberg's wealth comes primarily from Facebook stock.

8. Lucy Peng ($1.2 billion)

Lucy Peng is one of the co-founders of Alibaba (BABA), a Chinese e-commerce site similar to Amazon (AMZN). Alibaba had its U.S. IPO in September 2014 and currently has a market cap of $220 billion.

7. Meg Whitman ($2.1 billion)

Meg Whitman is a former executive of multiple media and tech companies, most famously as the CEO of eBay (EBAY) and as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ). In 2010, she unsuccessfully ran for governor of California and broke an American record for the greatest amount of personal money spent by a candidate. The majority of her wealth comes from eBay stock.

6. Oprah Winfrey ($3 billion)

Everyone knows Winfrey's story: She was raised in poverty and has worked her way through the media ranks to become The Queen of Media. Her wealth comes primarily from her privately-owned production company which developed TV shows "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "Dr. Phil," and "Dr. Oz." In addition, Winfrey earns money from acting, her cable TV channel, her magazine, writing books and her website.

5. Martha Ingram ($4.4 billion)

Martha Ingram's wealth comes from inheritance and stock in her family's companies. The largest company, Ingram Micro (IM), is #76 on the Fortune 500 and had revenue of over $42 billion in 2014. Ingram Micro distributes books, is a transportation operator, and has an oil division. Ingram serves on multiple corporate boards and is currently a philanthropist.

4. Zhou Qunfei ($7.4 billion)

Zhou Qunfei is a Chinese business woman who, along with her husband, started a touch screen company called Lens Technology. This company, which had its IPO in Shenzhen in March 2015, had 2014 profits of 1.18 billion yuan (US$190 million).

3. Blair Parry-Okeden ($8.4 billion)

Blair Parry-Okeden's wealth comes from her 25% in Cox Enterprises, inherited from her mother in 2007. She is not active in the company and is the niece of Anne Cox Chambers.

2. Anne Cox Chambers ($16.9 billion)

Anne Cox Chambers is the largest shareholder of the privately-owned Cox Enterprises. Cox Enterprises was founded by her father in 1898 and owns multiple newspapers, TV and radio stations, Auto Trader, and Cox Communications, a broadcasting, digital media and internet company. Cox Enterprises has revenues of over $17 billion a year. Anne Cox Chambers also worked as an ambassador to Belgium, has sat on many corporate boards, and is a philanthropist.

1. Laurene Powell Jobs ($20.1 billion)

When Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple (AAPL) died in 2011, his widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, became the fourth richest woman in America (after Alice and Christy Walton and Jacqueline Mars). Laurene's wealth is primarily in Apple stock, a company that had $58 billion in revenue and $13.6 billion in profit last quarter. Laurene is also the largest individual shareholder of the Walt Disney Company (DIS), which has a market cap of over $185 billion. She spends her time working for her nonprofit and as a political activist and angel investor.

The Bottom Line

The list is split almost down the middle: women in the bottom half of this list are, for the most part, self-made. They have either founded businesses or worked at small companies that have grown tremendously. The top half of the list, with the exception of Zhou Qunfei, are heiresses. Their company shares have had the benefit of years of growth and are worth incredible amounts of money, regardless of whether the women participate in the companies.

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