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7 Weirdest Things You Can Buy With Rewards Points

Author: Ethan Smith

Delve into the world of rewards credit cards and it becomes easy to see how enough points can pay their way toward heavily discounted (and sometimes, totally free) amenities like airfare and travel costs, gas, groceries, gifts and even cold hard cash. Take advantage of rewards points and it feels like your life -- and your bank account -- couldn't get any sweeter, until you learn that a whole bunch of random rewards exist that you haven't even discovered yet. Try piloting a jet, living a day as a rock star, getting married by one or owning a piece of sports history -- to name a few.

Read on for the seven craziest things people have cashed in those points for -- and see if they're still offered by your credit card.

1. Go to Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp

In 2011, those who accrued enough points through Citibank's Citi ThankYou Rewards program had a chance to slam some barre chords and share the stage with a who's who of rock by attending the adult Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp™. Prepare to pay the price to live the dream; customers could redeem ThankYou points and pay the difference with a Citi Card or purchase a package starting at $2,999 per person.

  • Rewards program: Citi ThankYou Rewards
  • Points needed: 385,000

2. Get Married by the King

No wedding in Las Vegas would be complete without receiving vows from Elvis Presley himself -- an impersonator who looks and sounds just like him, that is. For a more modest 16,000 points ($17,000 in purchases) from a 2011 Bank of America perk, Elvis would officiate, walk the bride down the aisle and sing his numbers throughout the ceremony. Viva Las Vegas, indeed!

  • Rewards Program: Bank of America
  • Points needed: 16,828

3. A Piece of Yankee Stadium

Take yourself out to the ballgame -- and then take the ballgame home with you. For just 8,500 American Express points, in 2012 you could have taken home a freeze-dried souvenir of Yankee Stadium turf in a glass display case. According to Business Insider, this major league reward was available with approximately $8,500 charged on the AmEx Gold Card.

  • Rewards program: American Express Membership Rewards
  • Points needed: 8,500

4. Private DJ Lessons for One

In multiple cities across the U.S., you can redeem points to get a one-hour, one-on-one DJ lesson. If you live in Los Angeles, you can even have guests watch you blend, scratch, mix and beat juggle your heart out.

  • Rewards program: Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Points needed: 14,400

5. Original Song for Your Loved One

If you've been aching to write a song but can't seem to get your creativity flowing, you can trade in points for a unique experience to work with one of the most established songwriters in New York, Jordon Rothstein. Hop over any time of the year to New York City and have Rothstein create an original song for you or someone you love.

  • Rewards program: Wells Fargo Rewards
  • Points needed: $5,992 in Wells Fargo rewards dollars

6. Become a Fighter Pilot

Collect enough Wells Fargo points and receive official jet fighter pilot training for a day, down to the last detail. Don your flight suit, practice formation flight, combat maneuvers and engage in aerial dogfights in a Marchetti SF260 Italian-built fighter aircraft.

  • Rewards program: Wells Fargo Rewards
  • Points needed: $1,492.65 in Wells Fargo rewards dollars

7. A NASCAR Ride-Along

Reach 38,750 points on a Capital One No Hassle Rewards credit card and the 180 miles per hour you'll reach in the passenger seat of a NASCAR racing machine will be worth every penny you'll have to spend to get there. A ride in an official NEXTEL Cup Stock Car as wingman to a veteran driver is available in a few different states; the minimum age to ride is 10.

  • Rewards Program: Capital One No Hassle Rewards
  • Points needed: 38,750

It's hard to narrow it down to just seven -- and these adventures can't be had on debit alone. Opening a rewards line of credit helps keep your credit revolving and current, and also builds points with purchases that you can redeem for a handful of unforgettable experiences.

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